Hello! I’m Ketevan (pronounced KET-uh-von). I started solo traveling when I was 16 and I spent a month in France. I loved it so much I moved to Paris for my freshman year of college. I switched majors and transferred a lot–I lived in Malta and Oregon and ended up as a public health major in Connecticut.

I met my husband, fell in love, and started working in public health + sexual health education. Our cross-country move to California for my first post-grad job was the first of many times I’ve been lucky enough to persuade A to follow me all over the world. After 3 years in California, I quit my job; we got rid of 80% of our stuff, put the rest in storage, and moved to Australia. Later on came a move to South Africa, which makes the fourth move A has made to follow my dreams, and I’m so lucky and grateful that he’s willing and able.

I started this blog to record our adventures together after I started forgetting the details too quickly for my liking. We love bikinghiking, and pretty much anything in the great outdoorsWaterfalls, beaches, and museums make us happy. We are also huge fans of food, wine, and beer.

We prefer to travel slow, but with limited vacation days, we do what we can. We take advantage of work trips and conferences to see places we normally wouldn’t go. Daytrips and weekend trips are my favorite and make up the majority of our travels. Since we move so frequently, we also squeeze some travel in between residences, and it’s so far worked quite nicely. No rent = more travel money!

After three years of being paid to talk about sex for a living, I miss it! So I write about sex and travel here, as well as global sexual public health. Thanks for reading!