Without realizing it, our fancy room via points was a resort, so it was very isolated and a pain to get in and out via car. So instead of driving to Sand Harbor as originally planned, we decided to rent bikes straight from our resort in Incline Village because our car can’t accommodate a bike rack right now. =( The guy at the sports shop tried to warn us off biking the 3.5 miles mostly on Highway 28, which is the main road bordering the northeast end of Lake Tahoe. During the summer, it would have been miserable, but in May it wasn’t too crowded and the areas with no shoulders were manageable.

The views were absolutely beautiful, and the water was SO clear. This was our first glimpse of the lake.


The ride wasn’t too hilly, but there were a lot of really slight inclines that I wasn’t aware were actually inclines. After about a mile of one of these bad boys, I really was thinking that I was all of a sudden out of shape and finally I huffed to A, “Why is this so HARD?!” Confused, he replied, “Well, we’re going uphill, so…” Oh. Okay.


We finally got to Sand Harbor, and it was gorgeous! sand_harbor_tahoe


I waded out to a rock and hung out for a bit enjoying the views. On our way back, we realized we had about 5 minutes before the third hour would start on our rental (and at $15/hour/bike, $90 wasn’t sounding reasonable for a 2 hour bike ride). So we raced back the last half mile and made it with a few minutes to spare. And then the guy told us that he was only charging us for one hour, because it was a slow day, which was a sweet surprise. $30 for 2 hours of these views was the perfect way to start the day.