Biking the Bend Ale Trail is one of the top things to do in Bend-it combines the two best things the city has on offer: beer and biking. We rented bikes through Life Cycle Bikes, which is hands down the best company I’ve ever rented bikes from. And we rent bikes a lot. Each bike was $15 for 24 hours. They deliver the bikes directly to you. And when you’re done, you lock them up somewhere and they’ll come pick them up so you don’t have to worry about store hours. Pure bliss.


We hadn’t originally planned on biking the Bend Ale Trail, but when the bike guy mentioned it and gave us a map, we decided to go for it. We ended up very happy with that decision.


On our way to our first stop, we spotted a tire swing!

bend river theatre

Our first stop wasn’t beer-related, but we went down to the Old Mill River area, where Alan got coffee, and we did a tasting at Naked Winery Tasting Room. We were bummed we couldn’t buy any wine like we normally do, but I got a fun shirt instead to supplement my sad tank top collection.


We biked up a big hill to get to our first brewery, Cascade Lakes Brewing Company. I pretty much passed out on the booth’s bench while Alan tasted his beer and sucked down seltzer and fish tacos.


On the way back down the hill, we went a more scenic route and found this nook with absolutely gorgeous views about 30 feet off the bike path.


Our next stop was Crux Fermentation Project, where Alan tasted beer and I tasted their stout brownie. YUM.


And our last brewery was Craft Kitchen and Brewery, which is the newest addition to the Bend brew scene. So new in fact, that they didn’t have their tasting glasses yet! So Alan ordered a beer and we ordered some fancy artisanal food and chowed down looking over the Old Mill River area.