The reason we’ve been traveling so much lately (4 trips in 8 weeks, whew!) is because A has been working way beyond his normal ~50-60 hour work weeks, and is well into the 80+ hour range since January. I was in a similar boat for most of February. We’re lucky enough to be able to use A’s conference in San Diego to escape our all-consuming work lives for a little bit. Unfortunately, that also means we have to work on our trips, to keep up with deadlines. So I’m sitting at Newport Coffee Company blogging (I get my work done at 6am when I have nothing better to do) while A does his interwebs thing.


Aside from the temple being here, A and I have a bit of an obsession about Newport Beach, via The O.C. I’ve watched the first season probably over 8 times. When we first moved to California, and would come back to our rented room after a long day of house-hunting, we would curl up on our mattress on the floor and watch The O.C. Yes, I do in fact understand that the show is…not good. We don’t care.


The insanity is showing

A and I pretend the main characters are real people that we know and we love the ridiculous insanity of that. If you ever hear us talk about getting together with Marissa and Ryan, you now know we’re secretly talking about going to Southern California. When we were walking in the sand, I was complaining that climbing the sand dunes was too difficult to do in flip-flips. A quickly reminded me that if Marissa could do it, then so could I. We proceeded to get into an argument about whether or not she really could, because she spent most of her time laying by her pool and walking around being beautiful. We settled the argument by agreeing that all the sex with Ryan probably gave her enough of a workout.



Anyways. Our first order of business was the pier and beach (more on that later). But then we wanted to try the infamous Balboa bar (which Marissa introduced to Ryan for the first time, duh). They were delicious, despite being a relatively boring vanilla ice cream bar dipped in chocolate and peanuts.

All this to say that as I’m sitting in the Newport Coffee Company, I’m realizing that while they’re not playing any of the OC soundtracks explicitly, they’re definitely playing a Pandora station based on the soundtrack or something to that effect. Every single song is eerily the indie stuff my friends (and thus me) listened to in high school, which constitutes 90% of The O.C. soundtracks. Ok, it’s official. At least 5 O.C. soundtrack songs have played. And a lot of The Postal Service, which is sort of weirdly awesome and random.


Street art

This has turned  out to be quite the nice little date, albeit one where we don’t actually talk to each other very much, except for when we arrived and I asked A to hand me my computer. He told me I had it. I said I didn’t. I asked if he had left it on top of our car. He said maybe. This was after our 2 mile bike ride to the coffee shop. Panic ensued. Luckily, it was left inside the locked car. Phew.

Also, as a side note, I’m slightly glad I found this after dark. I would have spent the entire day trying to get in as many of these as possible.