On our shuttle from the train station, we asked the driver which museum he would go to if he had to pick just one, and he said the EMP, hands down. As I hadn’t done any research prior to this trip, I hadn’t heard of it, but after reading a bit about it, I was sold. Music, technology, horror films, and best of all: Star Wars costumes. While not a mega-fan, I definitely love the movies and forced A to watch all 6 after finding out that he hadn’t seen Episodes 1-3.

I was shocked at how thrown together the Storm Troopers’ costumes were. The first movie had a tiny budget, so they took regular black boots and spray painted them white! Ironically, each mask/helmet was made by hand, taking forever to be created, and a few years later, they were being mass produced.

Chewbacca’s costume was made of real yak hair and mohair. Authentic and apparently seriously hot. This temporary exhibit is in Seattle until October 2015, so you still have time to check it out!

Leia’s classic bikini costume gets a lot of attention, but I loved how the display really discussed the feminist back-story. She’s a really strong character, she gets a lot of shit done, and her costumes are a reflection of that.

Best. Dress. Ever. That is all.

My favorite! Even though he went crazy, Anakin + Padme’s wedding was so sweet and I’m a total sap. Plus THAT DRESS.

I didn’t get any other shots in the museum because we were busy enjoying it. But this one was beyond cool. All of the instruments are attached to the scaffolding, but there are ~40 guitars which are also hooked up to mechanized players and the headphones at the bottom let you listen to the music they’re playing.