Knysna! We decided last minute to take advantage of the unseasonably good weather and took off for a weekend on the Garden Route.


We booked a few days’ stay in Knysna and packed a lot into those three days. We saw all the animals on our first day, did some epic hikes the second, and did some intense caving and port wine tasting on the third.

Although Cango Caves was amazing, I totally goofed and didn’t read the website correctly. I thought the tour was only 30 minutes, but it was actually 90. Whoops. We had been planning a quick stop at the caves and then to be back in Cape Town by 5pm so A could go to work, but we sort of gave up that plan and instead decided to get a nice lunch and taste port at two local wineries. Oh well!


I finally got around to watching the news–they have sign language interpreters for every word spoken! We’re finally settled into our flat, and bought the last baking supplies that weren’t already there. We spent one weekend baking cookies, and I think I perfected my recipe for oatmeal chocolate cIMG_4533hip! We also had a little jam session and I managed to practice my ukelele =)

Our first road trip means our first baboon sighting on the road! They’re all over the countryside, and thanks to human interference, pretty vicious. They’re smart and can open car doors looking for food, and will even attack you if they see you with food. So far, we’re not sick of seeing them, but I’m sure eventually we’ll tire of them, much like kangaroos.


We took the Sightseeing Bus (the best way to get around to the touristy spots without a car) to Kirstenbosch and also got some great views of the Atlantic seaboard.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens is a UNESCO World Heritage site and absolutely stunning year round, even in the midst of winter!


We found out our cleaning lady was only getting 75% of what we paid through our agency. I asked around at work and found out that this is an incredibly common practice; thankfully, a teacher who had previously worked as a cleaning lady validated my concerns. I decided to “fire” her and then hire her as an individual. We had to buy a few extra supplies that weren’t provided by the agent, and took a picture of her ID, but so far it’s been smooth sailing.


I can’t complain too much about this “low” because I got some amazing shots of the sunset. Because we extended our Knysna holiday by a few extra hours, we needed to pull over on the side of the road and use our mi-fi device so that A could hop on to a call with a client. I entertained myself with playing with some of my camera’s manual settings. This is a raw image–no editing!

Coming up for June 2016

Namibia! To be able to fly into South Africa, you must have proof of a flight out of the country. Of course I completely forgot about this and had to buy a flight last minute at the airport. One way tickets to Namibia? Check! The rest of the trip is yet to be planned…