Our Joint Resolutions

1. Plan Move 2015

Despite the location not being finalized, we are definitely moving this summer/fall! Although we’ve gotten much better about not having a lot of “stuff,” we still have a huge 3 bedroom house that’ll have to be condensed into 6 suitcases and 1 storage unit.

2. Reading

In November, we both started reading a lot more than we usually do, and we want to keep up that pace. We’re going to track our reading on Goodreads to motivate ourselves and steal an idea from my co-worker and her husband. They always, always read right before bed. So we’ve designated 11pm to be reading time, and then we’ll read until we fall asleep.

3. Travel

Because we move so frequently, it seems like we’re always financially recovering from a move or feeling too guilty to travel because we “should” be saving for the next one. But we won’t be returning to the western US for years and I don’t want to leave without seeing as much of the area as possible! We already have two trips to Nevada and San Diego planned, and hopefully we’ll get the opportunity for one or two more trips before leaving. And then we plan on the same deal in whichever place is next for us.


My Resolutions

1. Take better care of myself

I absolutely love, love yoga, hiking, and riding my bike. I don’t even think of it as exercise and think of it as fun activity. Well, that classification in my head is what makes this the first thing to go whenever things get busy, the last thing on my priority list. I have about 6 months left in California, and I want to enjoy it as much as possible!

I generally live in spurts of focus. I’ll start something (a craft project, admin stuff for work, cooking) and won’t notice that it’s been four hours. Oops. Normally, this is a good thing (focus! productivity!), but the results are pretty grim sometimes. I’ll forget to drink fluids and/or eat food, sometimes up to 18 hours. I love eating, breakfast, seltzer, and snacking, so theoretically, this shouldn’t be a problem, but it somehow is. So this year, I want to work on some sort of system to remind myself to do all of these things in a timely fashion.

I know this is kind of silly, but I’m a terrible flosser. I realize a lack of oral hygiene is not the worst fault to have, but A is a perfect flosser and he’s inspired me to make this a priority. I figure if I create some sort of routine and make the routine the first thing I do, eventually this stuff will become second nature. So if I wake up and first thing manage to: hydrate, eat, floss, yoga/walk/bike ride—I will be super pleased with myself.

2. Work on photography

I took a photography class in high school and I loved it. My dad hunted all over to find me a manual 35mm and my sister used it for the same class a few years later. After that, I lost track of it. On a whim, I asked my Mom if she knew where it was and it turned out to be in her storage unit. So I bought a few rolls of film went a little nuts in Iceland. I think it’s over 150 images. Anyways, after Iceland, I was hooked. For my birthday/Christmas, I got a Nikon D3200 with 2 kit lenses. I’ve been playing around with it, but I want to really flex my skills and hopefully traveling and this blog will nudge me in the right direction.

3. Dedicate more time to community service

For the past five years, I’ve always had a volunteer gig that I dedicated some of my free time to. But since moving to Chico, I haven’t really been keeping that commitment. It’s tough because my schedule changes so drastically from week to week, so it’s impossible to do anything regularly. I’m currently volunteering at the local domestic violence agency, but I haven’t really dug into it yet. So far, I’ve really enjoyed getting to work with the kiddos that are in shelter, it’s just very unstructured in terms of scheduling. So I’ll be working on that while we’re still in Chico.


A’s Resolutions

1. Running

A ran his first 10k last month and while he was training for it, I’ve never seen him happier. He usually runs about 1-3 miles/day, but since he’s pretty bad about taking time out of the work day for himself, he never did much more. With the new year, he’s decided that running is worth it, so he’s going to commit more time to himself.

2. Create portable studio

A is going to begin the looong process of going through each item in his studio, decide which ones are necessary, can be re-purchased later, go into storage, or should be replaced with smaller versions. I can barely understand it all, and it’s very time intensive and something he’ll have to be really conscious about, since it all has to fit in suitcases!

3. Music

Since our trip to Florida, and A’s last gig with Os Dias, he hasn’t played in public. He’s been writing and practicing off and on, but not consistently. He’s trying to make it a priority this year to give himself the time for this in his super busy schedule. And of course, he’ll have to take advantage of this spiffy new studio he’ll be creating.