Our priority was to bike to Mission Beach, so we made sure to fit in the 6 mile ride on our first day, just in time for sunset. Our hotel was right on the river/ocean bike path, so we wanted to make sure to take full advantage.

DSC_0107Our first day, we biked a bit aimlessly just exploring and appreciating the spectacular views. We definitely got lost a few times and ended up biking 4 extra miles, all well worth it.


We accidentally biked all the way down the bay-side of the beach, and we were all ready to settle in for the sunset when I realized the sun was setting behind us. Oops! The beach side definitely is the west-facing one I wanted, while the bay faces east.


We biked around the peninsula and got to the proper beach, where we plunked down on the beach and enjoyed the sunset. Gorgeous.


Ever since I was little, I always call these kinds of sun-drenched clouds “God clouds” and there were plenty of them to enjoy. Isn’t it funny that once the sun has set, it’s actually a little bit brighter?