Table Mountain is a basaltic plateau which sits just outside of Oroville. It’s a 6 mile drive up a windy road until you get to the top, and then it’s flat terrain for an easy hike. It’s the remainder of an ancient volcano, and you can still see some of the lava fields as you walk.


It’s also home to some of those happy California cows, and you can easily smell them. The
cows also really liked peeing while we walked past.

DSC_0015It’s famous for the wildflowers that cover the entire top during the spring and people flock from all over to see the famed flowers. Because A was working so much, we missed the peak this year and got there on the tail end of the season, but we still got to see some!


DSC_0033Afterwards, we decided to stop at a local brewery and we decided on Western Pacific Brewing Company. We chose sliders to start so we could try all the wild game they have on offer. Venison, wild boar, elk, and wild turkey. Yum. I got wild boar raviolis and A got a wild turkey burger. I happily watched A enjoy some beer. They were out of their stout (which is normally his favorite) so he got their red ale and blonde ale.