As most of you know, where we will be moving to this summer has been up in the air. Well, we finally know where we’re landing—Australia!

4714207610_ef4ffde048_o I went to A with Big News: I was pretty sure that even if I got into grad school, I would still want to move to Australia. He waited a few seconds, and after realizing I was done talking, he said, “That’s it? Yeah, I already knew that. You’ve been talking about Australia for months.” It’s true, I’ve become a little obsessive lately, and the pictures in this post are some of the reasons why. Australia is an amazing place and I can’t wait to see it all!

So I’ve officially decided to not apply to grad school or a fellowship and instead we will be moving to Australia for a year where I will be working under a Work & Holiday visa, while A will get a tourist visa and continue working for FreeFlow Digital. Moving to Australia had been on my radar for years (even before I met A) since I first read about the Work & Holiday visa on the BUNAC website. I don’t remember exactly when I first learned about it, but this is an 8+ year dream in the making!

333862149_92142cc5f7_oThere’s no guarantee that this adventure will directly benefit my career, so Australia had always been a lower priority in the 5 year plan. But because I only have until 2019 to apply for the visa, I’ve realized that I’m not only running out of time but that this is genuinely the best year for a one year stint across the globe. I had planned on going to Australia after grad school, or as a back-up in case I didn’t get into grad school, but I realized that with a graduate degree in hand, I will want to apply for more permanent jobs in my field, and move to a country where we could settle in for a few years and make longer-lasting connections. In other words, not Australia.

Eastern_Grey_KangaroosSo, with the decision made, we’re starting the long process of moving. We’ll be selling/donating 80% of our stuff, put the rest into storage, and plan to be out of our house by mid to late June. We’re hoping to spend the summer in Quebec, exploring A’s alma mater, enjoying the Montreal Jazz Festival and taking French classes in Quebec City. We’ll also be spending two weeks or so in New York and a weekend in Boston. Then we’ll be off to Australia by early September!

Melbourne skyline

Melbourne skyline

We’re not sure exactly where we’ll live, as that will largely depend on the jobs I get. But to start with, we’re planning on staying in Melbourne (pronounced Mel-bin by Aussies) for at least the first month or so. Once I find a job, we’ll settle down and find an apartment close to work.Check out this info-graphic and you’ll quickly see why we’re Melbourne people and not as much Sydney-people.


Stitched Panorama

That’s all for now, but we’ll keep everyone updated along the way!